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Open Dental Scheduled Production: Next 2 Weeks Net Scheduled Production View on Teamio Huddle

We’ve released a new major update to Teamio Huddle for viewing scheduled production for next two weeks as well as setting up provider production goals for different days of the week on schedule.

Why we released this update?

You could already see today’s Open Dental production by provider on Teamio Huddle.

It shows you the net adjusted production (completed) as well as what’s on schedule for the day by provider.

But there isn’t a way to quickly see how your schedule looks for next two weeks and whether or not your scheduling production goals are being met.

One of the offices that we just onboarded requested this feature.

During one of our training sessions, the doctor mentioned they were using a white board to discuss their scheduled production on Open Dental.

They listed providers and their individual scheduled production for each day of the week for next two weeks manually from Open Dental.

Here’s what they were doing:

Open Dental Scheduled Production manually on Whiteboard

Immediately, we let them know that this would be a great feature to introduce on Teamio Huddle and it will save them tons of time from drawing out all the details manually.

I thought it would be a big help for other offices using Teamio already and save them tons of time as well.

So we got to work..

Next 2 Week’s Open Dental Scheduled Production

When you get to the Huddle page, Teamio will show you the most important numbers for Today.

With our latest update, now you’re able to view your next 2 week’s scheduled production broken down by provider in your practice, so your team can schedule according to goals set up on Teamio!

Teamio New Feature showing Next 2 week's Open Dental Scheduled Production

Each panel for a day the office is open, will display the following:

  • Net scheduled production for each provider on schedule.
  • Daily goal of each provider
  • Progress bar showing how much of the goal is scheduled for each provider
  • If goal isn’t reached, it will show you the $ amount needed to reach Goal for each provider
  • Total net scheduled $ amount for the day and $ amount needed for the day to reach total Goal for the day (for the whole practice)
  • Color coded progress bar according to Scheduled $ amount

yellow if $ net schedule is less than 90%

red if $ net scheduled is less than 50%

green if $ net scheduled is more than 90% of goal

If the open dental scheduled production total for the whole practice (for all providers) matches the goal, then a green thumbs up icon  is displayed in the Upper right – so your scheduling coordinator has a quick glance on which day still needs attention to reach the goal!

How Teamio calculates Net Scheduled Production from Open Dental Schedule

The net $ production value of an appointment that is scheduled on Open Dental is calculated by the following:

  • If the patient does not have insurance, Teamio will look at the office fee.
  • if the patient does have insurance, it will refer to the fee schedule of the insurance plan attached to the patient on Open Dental Family module.
  • If You’ve pre-applied any discounts (in office-discount plan) – that will be considered in calculating the net scheduled amount.
  • If you’ve set a procedure as “Do Not send to insurance” – this will be reflected as so on Teamio as well.

How to set Production Goals for Providers in Open Dental

The first step to utilizing the newly released feature is to set up production goals for individual providers on Teamio.

Click on the settings icon on Teamio Huddle to get to Provider Productions Goals screen you see below.

Open Dental Production Provider Goals on Teamio

Now you can enter dollar amount on any day for any providers.

Make sure to hit “Save” at the bottom.

Open Dental Scheduled Production report and its shortcomings

If you want to see how much production (net) is on schedule either today or in a future date, and you do this via the Open Dental built in reports, it does NOT reflect true NET production even if insurance is attached to the patient.

On the Monthly Production Goal report, procedures that are still scheduled (not completed yet), will show UCR (your office fees) even if patient has insurance properly attached (correct fee schedule, ppo % selected, etc).

Open Dental Monthly Production Goal report showing UCR fees for Scheduled Production

If you try to do this via the Monthly Production and Income report, even if the “write off using procedure date” option is selected, it’s not going to show you scheduled production because this report only shows income once procedures are completed.

As much as we love Open Dental, reporting is it’s weakness.

Scheduled Production not updating correctly on Appointment Module

I posted a video about this on the official FB thread, but I didn’t get a response other than to update my fees (which I already had done at the beginning of the year).

Here’s the problem:

In the Appointments Module, on the right side, OD shows the Scheduled Production (Gross and Net).

Open Dental Appointment Module Net Production

I’ve realized that this is not always correct, and decided to manually total up the net scheduled production on the appointments for the day – by summing up the total for each appointment scheduled.

It’s not miscalculated – it’s just not updated correctly.

For instance, if I want to know how much Net Production is scheduled in a future date, if I click on a certain day – the Net Production value changes for some of the appointments as I click on each appointment, and then go to the treatment plan and then come back to the Appointment module – WITHOUT making any changes to ANY attached procedure to the appointment, or to the tx plan.

Just simply clicking on the appointment, and then going to the tx plan, and then coming back to the appointment module – I can see the number change in the appointment (I have it set up to show the net production in the Appointment View) – and because of this, the total net production also changes all of a sudden.

OD also shows you the net production scheduled when you hover over the top of each operatory – this number, as well as the total net production – is not always correct!

I’ve tested this with multiple providers data on the appointment module and then comparing the manually calculated numbers to what OD displays. When you first go to the appointment module, numbers are off – unless I go through EACH appointment and then click through the tx plan, and then come back – then in the end – the numbers match up!

Here’s the video explaining this issue:

End of Day Reports for Open Dental and Best Practices

The newly released Next 2 Weeks Net Scheduled Production should be on your list of reports to review at the end of day.

Although it makes for a great end of day report, it should actually be reviewed throughout the day to make sure your scheduling goals are being met for one or more providers in your practice.

With a quick glace, your scheduling coordinator should be able to see which day and which provider(s) need attention to meet the scheduled production goals.

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