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Inside Teamio

Get to know who's behind Teamio and the mission that drives us

Our trip to Bali, Indonesia - which, we plan on re-visiting over and over again!

Teamio was founded on the belief that you can build a lean dental practice that is scalable with SYSTEMS.

As the practice owner busy seeing patients all day, I had no idea if all the important things that are supposed to be done to move the “needle” – were actually being done.

Frustrated with what my team was doing to work ON the business of my practice – such as following up with unscheduled treatment patients, recall patients, following up on AR, etc. –

I had no way of tracking if my team’s work that filled my schedule and reduced my AR was actually being completed on a consistent basis.

I knew there had to be a way to set up systems that would keep my team consistent and hold them accountable!

That’s when it began!

I drew initial screenshots on Microsoft’s OneNote app on my Surface laptop during my flight to Phoenix. The date on the document is May 8, 2016! (Feel free to click on the images to enlarge them to see more details)

I put it aside for a while, but the idea kept coming back to me every time things didn’t go as expected in the office.

I knew I couldn’t do this alone, so I told my brother, who’s also a software developer, about the idea and we decided to get to work.

After working on the initial version of Teamio for eight months, we launched on June 1st of 2019 – in the middle of the pandemic!

Our Background

Prior to dentistry, I graduated in computer science and worked as a software developer prior to starting at NYU Dental.

Both my brother and I graduated with a degree in Computer Science from Marist College, NY!

Saumil went on to get his masters in Computer Science, while I went ahead and joined NYU Dental.

Here’s more details on why we’re building Teamio!