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Put an automated System in place for your team to follow-up with patients

Turn your Open Dental recall list, unscheduled list into Tasks for your team, so patients don't fall through the cracks

Open Dental Unscheduled Treatment list on Teamio
Open Dental Broken Appointments List

Before Teamio

You don't know if your team is doing what they're supposed to do when you're busy with patient all day.

Your automated texting protocols leave too much on the table, and your phone follow-ups lack consistency.

You have documented systems in place for your team on Unscheduled Treatment Follow Ups, but have NO WAY to see if your team is actually following it consistently.

After Teamio

Turn chaos into Automated Accountability and see what the rest of the team is working on and what’s getting done when it comes to the most important SYSTEMS of your practice.

Follow up consistency: When patients don't respond, follow up action is automatically enforced for your team, so things don't fall through the cracks

Whether it's for Overdue Recall, the Unscheduled List - KNOW what's happening with each follow up call.

Create automated accountability and enforce consistency in follow-ups

Automate creation of next follow-up, so you don't leave it on your team to manually create reminders to call patients back.

Enforce consistency into your follow-ups with custom rules, so your team knows exactly WHEN to reach out to patients again.

Open Dental Recall Patient Follow-up
Open Dental Recall Patient Dashboard

Turn your Open Dental recall list and unscheduled list of patients into Tasks for your team to work on

Whether it's for overdue recall, unscheduled treatment or broken appointments, KNOW what's happening with each follow-up call, and when the NEXT follow-up is due.

With all the information on hand, your team knows who to ignore and who to follow-up with without patients falling through the cracks.

Open Dental Integration & Automation

Prior to following up, your team has access to all of the patient's information at hand from Open Dental

Follow-up Notes seamlessly transferred to Communication Log so your team is not making duplicate chart entries

When an appointment is put into Open Dental for a patient who has been followed up on, Teamio removes the task from your Team's to-do list - eliminating the need to do it manually!

Look up patients with Custom Filtering from Open Dental Data

Filter overdue recall patients by recall due dates, providers, or by one or more insurance plans.

Look up patients who have specific CDT procedure codes in their treatment plan in Open Dental

Set Custom Logic & Rules for Follow-ups

Create rules via Drag-&-Drop for whether a follow-up is required

Set frequencies for when a follow-up should occur - eliminating the need for creating manual reminders fo

Team Goals for Outgoing Follow-up Calls

Set daily, weekly, monthly goals for keeping your team accountable

Empower your team with real-time progress of their follow-ups

Open Dental Recall Follow-up Call Goals