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Integrate your dental training material, SOPs into your daily workflows with Wiki Pages!


Digital documents and processes are great, however, by themselves, they’re only as good as something you may have documented on paper or kept in a binder that’s collecting dust.

Unless you make it super easy for your team to access these digital docs when they need it the most – they usually go ignored.

Our goal is to help you integrate your training material into your daily workflows!

Simple Formatting (without the bells and whistles of a full-blown word processor)

Wiki Pages for Team Training Documents
Adding Video to Wiki Pages

Add Videos to your Training Material

Use embedded videos via YouTube or your favorite platform (Loom, Vimeo etc.) to show your Team exactly HOW a task is to be performed

Interlink to other Wiki Pages you've created for ease of access

Teamio Wiki Pages - Interlink to other pages
Wiki Pages - Dental digital training and SOPs manual

Create Tags for easy searching through your pages

Don’t keep your training material in an isolated silo…
Tag Wiki Pages within a Task

Give your Team easy access for when they need it the most

Tag or Link Wiki Pages to a Task, or a Follow-up call for Training purposes