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Reduce A/R with a SYSTEM that holds your team accountable and keeps them consistent with their follow-ups

Turn your Open Dental Outstanding Claims and A/R reports into Tasks for your Team

Open Dental Outstanding Claims Report to Teamio Task List
Open Dental Outstanding PreAuthorizations report to Teamio Tasks
Open Dental Patient Balance report to Teamio Tasks

Create automated accountability and enforce consistency in follow-ups

Automate creation of next follow-up, so you don't fall behind on following up with unpaid claims

Enforce consistency into your follow-ups with custom rules, so your team knows exactly WHEN to follow up with the unpaid claims.

Turn Open Dental Aging Reports into TASKS for your insurance coordinator!

Open Dental Outstanding Claims

Open Dental Integration & Automation

Prior to following up, your team has access to all of the Outstanding Claim's information at hand from Open Dental

Auto save your team's follow-up status and notes directly into patient's communication log and the Open Dental Claim Status History!

When a claim is marked as received into Open Dental for the claim being followed up on, Teamio removes the task from your Team's to-do list - eliminating the need to do it manually!

Patient Balances - See who still owes money to the practice, and who's following up with them

Open Dental Patient Balances Follow-ups on Teamio
Open Dental Outstanding Pre-Authorizations

Outstanding Pre-Authorizations - turn your pending Open Dental PreAuthorizations into Tasks